How Nissan’s nervousness is our gain


“That idea is a bit too risky.”

Music to our ears. After all, we can always tone down an edgy concept. So when Account Coordinator Carli Collins, based in our Fargo office, helped create a marketing plan for Nissan as part of her MSU – Moorhead senior advertising course that was deemed “too risky” at the National Student Advertising Competition, we wanted her on our team.

Carli, center with recognition plaque, her classmates and the judges after winning the Regional competition in Minneapolis.

Carli, center with recognition plaque, her classmates and the judges after winning the Regional Student Advertising Competition in Minneapolis.

“Our assignment was to create a marketing plan for Nissan. We had a ‘fake’ $100 million budget to increase Nissan’s market share in the ages 18 – 29 multicultural millennial market. My classmates and I put hours upon hours into that class. We won Regionals to earn a spot at Nationals. Unfortunately, our idea was a bit too risky so we placed at the lower end but still can say we placed 15th out of 100+ schools in the United States,” Carli recalls.

She adds: “I even convinced myself that I needed to buy a Nissan–as well as everyone I knew!”

Passionate tenacity. We want that on our team, too.

Now a recent MSU – Moorhead graduate, Carli concentrates her time on taking care of various Flint Group clients.

“I proofread ads, track competitive ads and help in any way to get projects accomplished. I also work with clients’ dealer advertising and marketing programs, getting dealers involved and helping them run ads for more impact,” Carli explains.

Check, check, check

“I still live with my four college roommates so we all hang out during the weeknights. I am a homebody during the week. I am a major ‘checklist’ person, so I tend to catch up on random things throughout the week,” Carli says.

Miles on the Nissan

“On the weekends I hang out with my friends or visit family. This past summer, I only spent two weekends in Fargo,” Carli says.

“You said I was your favorite sound,” says pooch Darby.

“You said I was your favorite sound,” says pooch Darby.

Carli’s shifting focus

“I have the same cliché hobbies as others. I like to read but only when I find a good book. I love scrapbooking when there is a blizzard or it rains.

“Right now, I currently do not have a hobby. I go into trends of different things. I am a very dedicated person. I have high expectations of myself. During college, as far as academics go, I spent so much time on homework and projects that learning became a passion of mine. It may seem like a very nerdy and boring passion but I love to learn.

“So I guess to answer what I am most passionate about would be to look at what I am doing at the moment, which is currently researching my next to-do list via Pinterest,” Carli says.

‘Doesn’t make us nervous a bit, Carli. Welcome aboard!

Get to know a Flintster: Q + A with Carli!

Dream job? With how quickly jobs change in this field I can’t imagine my actual dream job. I love how things can change and that to be successful I have to keep on my toes.

Job would you not want? I would not want to be a bus driver. I get carsick so I think everyday would be exhausting.

First job? My dad started a lawn mowing service when I was in 3rd grade. I worked for him every summer until two years ago. The worst part about it was when having your dad as a boss. I could never call in sick if I was too tired or wanted to go to the lake. I also have the record out of my siblings for getting “fired” the most.

What did it teach you? My first job taught me a good work ethic. Since I didn’t get to always go to birthday parties or the lake for the day it taught me to manage my time. I knew I always had to go to work so I might as well work as hard as I can and do the best I can. Right now, it makes me realize that it was the easiest job I will ever have. I will never get to have a job where if it rains I can sleep in.

What would you be willing to practice for one hour a day? I would like to sharpen up some household skills. As odd as that sounds I would like to be able to sew, bake, cook and do laundry like my mother can. All of these skills are handy to have and are something I never make time to attempt.

What’s the best advice you’ve received? My grandma used to always since “You Are My Sunshine” to me. She always said as long as you can sing that song and have someone to think about, you are able to accomplish anything.

Favorite sound? My puppy barking as I pull into the driveway.

Favorite scent? Sun block.

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