Inside addition with Emily and her “blanket addiction”


There is an area of our agency group that requires a more methodical, organized approach (hint: it’s not the creative department). Thankfully, our Accounting department is staffed by talented people who are driven by attention to details within processes.

Based in our Fargo office, Accounting Assistant Emily Deal focuses on accounts payable, accounts receivable, billing, month-end reporting and balancing, processing postage and other expenses. She even admits her dream job is “counting money. All day, every day.” Perfect fit!

Emily with Kinley

Emily with her niece Kinley

Away from the office, Emily spends nearly every evening at her sister’s home, enjoying time with her sister, brother-in-law and  nephew Griffin, age 3, and one-year-old niece Kinley. Emily also spends some weekend time with them, or at her mom’s home in Lisbon, N.D.

Emily with her nephew Griffen

Emily with her nephew Griffen

Hi, Griffen!

Hi, Griffen!

Stitches in time

“My mom and I make quilts together,” Emily explains. “It’s good bonding time. She and I each have our own duties. I find the pattern, and she makes the fabric cuts. She sews; I iron. We have a system down.   The best part is seeing the progress as each strip is made into a square, into a row, into a quilt.”

One of Emily and her mom’s recent quilting creations.

One of Emily and her mom’s recent quilting creations.

A “thing” for blankets

Emily admits: “I have a thing with blankets; You can never have too many! My mom made me my first quilt blanket for Christmas 1998. Ever since then, I’ve kept an eye out for fabric, and I’m always planning our next quilt.”

Now entering the “no quilting” zone

“We make an average of three quilts a year,” Emily says. ”Once the snow melts, it’s a no quilt zone, since my mom would rather spend days and evenings outside in her garden. Most of our quilts are made from January through March!”

“Quilt” a welcome

“Two of the most special quilts we have created were ‘welcome to our family’ creations. See, 37 years ago, my aunt gave a son up for adoption. This last Christmas, he made contact with her and they reconnected. My mom and I could not think of a better gift to welcome him to the family than a quilt.  We made my new-found cousin and my aunt matching quilts!”

An accounting assistant with heart: that’s why we so appreciate Emily on our team!

Get to know a Flintster: Q & A with Emily!

What’s your dream job? Counting money.  All day, every day.

Which job would you not want to have? Road construction sign holder.

What was your first job? Parts Runner for my dad’s conveyor company.

What did it teach you? Working for my dad taught me a strong work ethic, team work, and independence.

What sounds do you love? Griffin’s and Kinley’s belly laughs.

What scents do you love? Coffee shops and flower shops.

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