Learn the secret to success (it isn’t what you may think)


Clear communications are a bit of an art. Especially now, with multiple avenues of getting the word out, people who can convey the right information are valuable. So we’re thrilled to have John Hagen, Account Coordinator in our Fargo office, on our team.

John communicates with clients and publications about regional advertisements specifications, availability and rates. He schedules and prepares regional magazine advertisements, and he works specialized vendors to purchase lists for direct mailings. With tight deadlines and strict budgets, it can be a delicate balance, yet John navigates the details successfully.

The secret? Surround yourself with people who also make it enjoyable.

As John says: “People who make work fun also allow me to ask questions and learn things I might not have otherwise known. When work is hard and busy, it’s easier to get things done if I’m able to make it somewhat enjoyable with my coworkers.”

It’s not what you do

That same spirit serves John well away from work, too.

“I am involved with my church, helping out with children’s ministry on Wednesday nights during the school year and part of bible study groups,” John says. “I enjoy music and theater. If there’s a concert or performance in town, I try to see it. I play board games, watch movies, fish or just visit with friends and my girlfriend.”

Making lame activities fun

“I enjoy being around people that I care about. It’s more about who I’m with rather than what we’re doing.  I enjoy doing new and different activities, and I like to do them with people who make them fun. The lamest activity can be fun if you’re with the right people,” John says.

“For example, one summer, before all my sisters got married, we took a family camping trip to Minnesota’s North Shore. The sights and activities were great, but the main thing I remember is how my family and I were able to make the entire trip enjoyable. It didn’t matter if we were crammed in the hot car or hiking with bugs everywhere. We took dumb pictures, made dumb jokes and told dumb stories. It was the best trip ever.”


See? The secret is who you’re with. The success follows.

Get to know a Flintster: Q + A with John!

What’s your dream job? I’ve always wanted to work at a record company.

Which job would you not want to have? Fast food restaurant employee

What was your first job? Strawberry picker

What did it teach you? Any job can be fun, if you make it fun.

What is one thing you’d be willing to practice for an hour a day? An instrument

What’s the best advice you ever got? You are in control of your own attitude.

What sound do you love? Nature (birds, crickets, wind, etc.)

What scent do you love? Cucumber

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