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Not everyone can get a grandfather fist-pumping to Motley Crue. Or make photos of construction equipment truly come alive. Graphic Designer Jeremy Albright does both.

Knowing when to play YMCA at wedding receptions is an art from.

Knowing precisely when to play YMCA at a wedding reception is an art form.

Meet DJ “J”

Based in our Fargo office, Jeremy brings his balance of creativity and attention to detail to our clients—and high energy to his fortunate colleagues. Weekends, he DJ’s wedding and other special events through his own DJ service.

During the week, Jeremy’s energy focuses on handling design for national print advertisements, predominantly for our client, Bobcat. “I help out at photo shoots, color correct images, prepare digital files for publications and take care of other design and production details,” he says. His responsibilities require intense concentration and organizational skills with demanding details. And he has to make things like skid-steer loaders look absolutely gorgeous, yet rugged.

Away from the office, Jeremy owns and operates his own DJ service, MixVibes DJ Service and Lighting DJ. “It all started when I DJ’d at a local bar on Lake Eunice for a Fourth of July party a few year ago. All it took was being the DJ for that one party and I was hooked,” Jeremy says. “Last year, I DJ’d 36 wedding receptions.”


Word up

“I pride myself on working very hard to make sure that everyone at my events has a good time and the music and lighting are the very best possible,” Jeremy says. We asked around, and Fargo area wedding planners, venue representatives and newly married couples recommend Jeremy as one of the top Fargo wedding DJs.

Just push play

“I was DJing a wedding reception and this gentleman kept requesting Dr. Feelgood by Motley Crue. I pushed it off all night and he kept asking me to play this song for him. I was waiting for the best time to play it. Well I was down to the last song of the night and I had not played it yet. So I asked everyone to come to the dance floor and then asked the gentleman to stand in the middle of the circle of people. Once I pushed play, everybody got into it. I even had a grandpa doing fist pumps. To this day, people at that reception still talk about that song at the end of the night with grandpa doing fist pumps,” Jeremy explains.

Supporting the oil companies

Jeremy and his wife have two school-age kids, so he’s also a chauffeur. “On a typical weeknight, I pick up the kids from their after school program, then run them to swimming lessons, church, cub scouts and dance lessons. We seem to support the oil company.

Jeremy with his wife and their two busy kids.

Jeremy with his wife and their two busy kids.

“On weekends, we head down to the lakes where we have a park model camper set up on my wife’s grandfather’s land on Middle Cormorant Lake. We all really cherish spending quality family time together there,” Jeremy says.

Energy to share

Jeremy also donates his time and talents to two non-profit organizations each year. For the past four years, he has shared his services with Pedaling for Possibilities and the Special Olympics.

More from Dr. Feelgood

Visit MixVibes DJ Service and Lighting’s website or Facebook page:

Get to know a Flintster: Q + A with Jeremy

What’s your dream job? That always changes. Today, it’s a rock star.

What is one thing you’d be willing to practice for an hour a day? An instrument, preferably the drums.

What’s the best advice you ever got? The best judge of a character is a person doing the right thing when nobody is watching.

What scent do you love? Good home cooking!

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