Reedzy’s drawings and doings make a big difference


“I draw, then color. Draw some more, then color. Ask if anyone needs help, give them help. Then move on and ask someone else.”

That’s not a youngster describing his typical weekday. That’s from someone truly young at heart: Flint Group Art Director and Illustrator Jeff Reed. Based in our Fargo office, “JR” or “Reedzy” focuses his time in and out of the office on making a difference wherever he can. As he says: “When people ask me what I do for a living I just tell them, ‘they pay me to color.’”

“My aim is to leave smiles in those who may think they have little to smile about,” Jeff says with his own signature, contagious smile.

Sometimes, those are smiles from clients, whose materials are enhanced by Jeff’s illustrations and art direction.

Poster Jeff illustrated for Bobcat's 50th Anniversary

Poster that Jeff illustrated for Bobcat's 50th Anniversary

"Woody," from Jeff's pens for our friends (and clients) at WoodMaster

"Woody," a spokes-woodchuck, created by Jeff for our friends (and clients) at WoodMaster

Art/illustration commemorating legendary coach Sonny Gulsvig

Art/illustration commemorating legendary coach Sonny Gulsvig

HOPEful kids

Other times, those are smiles from kids with disabilities or dealing with cancer, who Jeff helps through is extensive volunteering for the Cullen Children’s Foundation and HOPE Inc.

Through the Flint Group, Jeff works with Cullen Children’s Foundation, also known as Cully’s Kids, which is led by Moorhead, Minn., native and NHL player Matt Cullen and his wife, Bridget. Jeff explains: “Cully’s Kids is dedicated to helping kids and their families who are dealing with cancer and life threatening illnesses. When Matt and Bridget started their foundation, they turned to Flint for help, and it made sense for me to also donate some of my own time and talents beyond the work for the foundation. Through Cully’s Kids, I found out about HOPE Inc. and their needs. From that, I knew I wanted to expand my community involvement with HOPE and that there was more I could offer.”

Jeff, right, with Zoe, one of the lucky HOPE kids

Jeff, right, with Zoe, one of the lucky HOPE kids

“Helping people is the right thing to do. I feel very fortunate, I thank the Lord every day and I’m proud to share my time with people who need a little help and support in areas I can positively give,” Jeff says.

“Each winter, HOPE organizes and runs sled hockey events at area arenas. It’s always fun, and the kids and parents really appreciate the ice time for the kids,” Jeff explains. “Spring brings HOPE wheelchair soccer. There are always new kids and new families. HOPE’s leaders, Bill and Adair Grommesh, tell the kids there isn’t anything they won’t work to set up for them, and that’s inspiring to volunteers like me.”

The luckiest dog in the world

In your next life, hope you return as a dog at Jeff’s house. Chance is one spoiled pup, with frequent walks and loads of attention from Jeff and his family, which includes his wife and their son, Mason.

Sit, Chance. Sit.

Sit, Chance. Sit.

Ah, a boy and his dog: Chance and Mason

Ah, a boy and his dog: Chance and Mason

Besides long walks with Chance, Jeff spends winter evenings cheering on the Minnesota Wild; spring, summer and fall, you can find him on the golf course.

“Plus, I always have a home project going on, whether it’s designing, redesigning, painting or cleaning the garage,” Jeff says. “I also love spending time with my family, preferably outside.”

Illustrations are worth 1,000+ words

Jeff also creates portraits for family and friends. “For example, a few years back I  completed an illustration of a family member’s father, who passed away. He was a great man who I respected very much. I was so proud to give that illustration to her and her mother and see their reaction. I know they will appreciate the illustration and all the memories it brings back,” Jeff says.

JR's self-portrait

JR's self-portrait

See more of Reedzy’s illustrations at his website.

Get to know a Flintster: Q + A with Jeff!

What’s your dream job? I am living it. If I weren’t here,  I’d love to work for the 49er organization or play professional golf, but it just so happens that my golf game isn’t good enough for the pro ranks. Or even the amateur ranks.

Which job would you not want to have? Midwest Honey Wagon operator, a.k.a. sewer sucker

What was your first job? Dishwasher

What did it teach you? When you are the low man on the totem pole, you get the jobs no one else wants to do.

What is one thing you’d be willing to practice for an hour a day? Golf, kite flying, ice skating, drawing…oh, you said one? Sorry.

What’s the best advice you ever got? The more you love your work, the less it seems like work — My father and mentor

What sound do you love? Young children laughing and a well-hit golf ball

What scent do you love? Tevo (my wife’s perfume), wood fire, fresh air

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