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Revolutionizing Creativity: Exploring the Power of Generative Fill AI

By Drew Ongstad

‘I’ll have the usual, Stan’  It’s a normal Thursday at lunchtime, and I decide to go… Read More

Finding Your Inner Strength

By Bradley Banken

“Everybody has a list of 100 things they would like to change about themselves. But it’s… Read More

Nurturing Success: The Importance of Supporting Breastfeeding Mothers in the Workplace

By Danielle Woodard

In today’s rapidly evolving work landscape, organizations must create an environment that supports the diverse needs… Read More

You Need To Personalize Your Email Marketing. Here Are 6 Easy Ways To Do It.

By Andrew Donovan

How do we use contact data and AI to deliver people a personalized, relevant experience when… Read More

The ABCs of AI: A Handy Glossary Breaking Down Artificial Intelligence Jargon

By Kimberly Wold Janke

Earlier this year, the whole artificial intelligence (AI) world got bigger and more bewildering with the… Read More

Mastering Crucial Conversations in the Agency World

By Ashley Farmer

At Flint Group, we are committed to the growth and development of our employees and recognize… Read More

Threads: What you need to know about Meta’s new app

By Anna Larson

In the Musk vs. Zuck fight, Zuck is winning today. This week, Mark Zuckerberg welcomed 10+… Read More

Unforgettable Connections and Collaborations: Highlights from the AGCO Dealer Marketing Summit in Fargo

By Alex Kizima

“You’re invited to … FARGO!” With those words, over 20 AGCO dealers and members of the… Read More

Navigating Strategic Contributions: Your Guide to Corporate Social Responsibility

By Madison Quamme

The demands placed on brands far extend beyond a quality product and a top-notch experience. In… Read More

Stop Worrying About the Email Promotions Tab – It’s Still the Inbox!

By Andrew Donovan

Google released the Promotions tab within Gmail in 2013, and ever since, there’ve been strong opinions… Read More

Positive results from negative feedback: How to digest and apply negative customer feedback to strengthen your business

By Wendy Christiansen

Negative feedback. It’s like receiving a plate of raw brussel sprouts when you were hoping for… Read More