Want to stay in shape without working out? Flint Group’s Sarah Olsgaard has the secret.


Sarah Olsgaard used to go to the gym. Then, she became a mother.

“I think motherhood burns far more calories per day than I ever could with a good workout,” she said.

An account manager at our Fargo office, Sarah says she gets the best of both worlds – working with our clients AND her fellow Flintsters.

“It’s a fun job that I absolutely love. I’m blessed with some really fun and interesting clients who challenge me and make me grow and learn every day,” said Sarah.

Away from the office, Sarah is busy with her 16-month-old bundle of energy, Dylan.

Sara + Dylan

Bet you can’t look at this cutie without smiling:

Dylan 1

Dylan looking out windowDylan blowing bubble

Life on the farm

Sarah, Dylan and her husband David live on a 100-year-old cattle farm that has been in David’s family for generations.

Oslgaard farm

They have Hereford and Angus cows, as well as an overly friendly orange cat named Lucy, or as Sarah calls her, “Lucy the Love Machine.”


Dylan is somewhat of a love machine himself.

When he first learned to give kisses, he would do it with his mouth wide open. And it was never just one kiss – no, they were delivered in a slobbery succession.

“He’d kiss your face like 20 times. So sweet… but very drooly,” said Sarah.

Dylan kisses

Dylan is already a natural farm kid and loves being outside, says Sarah. His favorite activities are riding the four-wheeler with dad to go “check cows,” picking up sticks in the yard, and “helping” his dad with chores.

Dylan helping on farm

Dylan helping on farm

Dylan also likes petting Lucy the Love Machine’s newly born kitties, which he calls “key-keys.”

Olsgaard kittens

Although Dylan adores the “key-keys,” Sarah explained that he only gets to play with them under close supervision because he’s been known to pick them up by their heads. I told her I thought that made sense.

Dylan with cat

Below is a video of Dylan trying to summon Lucy the Love Machine’s kittens. He keeps calling, “Lu Lu.” Why, “Lu Lu,” you ask? Because Lucy the Love Machine (“Lu Lu” to Dylan) is orange. So are her three kittens. Logically, they should all be called “Lu Lu,” right?

Here are some of his other favorite words:

1. Daddeeeeeee (the “eee” part is ALWAYS drawn out)

2. Here kitty, kitty, kitty (sounds like “heee key-key-key”)

3. Puppy (sounds like “pop pee?” – usually in the form of a question)

4. Hi (sounds like “Hiyeee”)

5. “Uh-oh”

Sarah hears that last one quite a bit. When I asked her to describe Dylan in three words, she said, “Expect the unexpected.”

For example, Dylan once got his head stuck between a wall and an antique radiator. She didn’t see that one coming.

“He’s at that explorative stage when he’s into everything he shouldn’t be,” said Sarah. “I’m surprised such a little person can make such a big mess. There’s no such thing as an orderly home anymore, at least not while Dylan is awake.”

Dylan michievous

Dylan looking out window

But Sarah wouldn’t have it any other way. Scooping buckets of sand BACK in the sandbox, explaining that tummies don’t like rocks and scrubbing crayon marks off newly painted walls – for her, they’re all worth it.

“The love you feel for your child is like nothing you’ve felt before,” she said.

Olsgaard family portrait

Between work, caring for Dylan and tending to the farm, Sarah says she rarely has time to relax. But what does she do when she finds herself with those precious moments?

“Catch up on sleep, shave my legs, sit still for five minutes… There’s not a whole lot of ‘me time.’ But, I do enjoy the occasional night out with friends and co-workers or a date with my husband,” said Sarah.

However, since the two are currently giving the farmhouse a minor facelift, she says their “dates” usually consist of driving in to Fargo to go Menards or Home Depot. Nothing says romantic like floor tiling and paint chips, right?

As for the future, Sarah says she is looking forward to fixing up the farm and watching Dylan grow – listening to the funny things he’ll say, watching his t-ball games (look out Joe Mauer), baking cookies together and seeing how his interests develop.

It sure beats going to the gym.

Get to know a Flintster: Q + A with Sarah!

What’s your dream job?

I’m really lucky to love what I do now.

Which job would you not want to have?

Oh, there are so many… I could never work in a quiet, serious environment. It would make me go crazy.

What was your first job?

Working at my parents’ automotive repair business.

What did it teach you?

That hard work pays off and things don’t just get handed to you.

What is one thing you’d be willing to practice for an hour a day?

Yoga; it would be a nice, quiet relaxing break in each day.

What’s the best advice you ever got?

Life is what you make it; we are all in charge of our own destiny.

What sound do you love?

A child’s deep belly laugh.

What scent do you love?

Fresh, clean laundry.

Okay, just one more photo – I can’t resist.

Dylan young

Ericka Olin

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