Wealth is more than money. Why employers should fulfill financial, time and social wealth


1. Financial Wealth – Money

Do you find yourself raking in the dough, but unhappy because all you feel like you’re doing is work? Jobs that offer huge financial incentives or starting salaries, but then strip away your freedom of time and cause stress, might not be the way to go. A few things that Flint Group offers are new business incentives and other financial stipends to help with everyday expenses. For example, parking is paid for in our Duluth office. This helps, so an employee does not have to turn around and spend it from their paycheck.

2. Social Status – Status

Titles seem like they are everything at times. If you are at a networking event and throw “Director” or “Vice” in front of anything, people tend to believe you have status or influence in your organization. However, applying for a job just for the title might not be the best for your social wealth. At Flint, we have a team that operates as a Leadership team on behalf of the company. Flint also offers employees oportunites to be a part of different internal and external groups. Internally, we offer the ambassador program, Project Flame and Young Professionals Committee. Externally, we encourage employees to be on chamber boards or other subcommittee work. Your role might not have a flashy title, but it does have a voice inside and outside the organization to give that social wealth.

3. Time Wealth – Freedom

This may be the most important of them all. Time wealth is the time you spend working and the time you spend at home or doing activities. Do you feel like all you do is work or are stressed about work? This feeling can cause burnout and potentially turnover year after year. At Flint, we embrace the busy nature of agency world, but allow employees flexibility. For example, in the summer we have flexible schedules and our work week is reduced from 40 hours a week to 36. So, if you want to take off a Friday afternoon or a Monday morning, we have the flexibility to do so.

4. Physical Wealth – Health

This refers to the well-being of the mind, body and soul. Work can be very stressful for some individuals and working for a company like Flint that offers health and wellness reimbursement each quarter can be a major positive. This reimbursement covers all things wellness, so Flint acknowledges that mental and physical health are important to take care of.

When looking for a job, be wary of companies that lure you in with one and two of the above but don’t allow for all four of them. Finding a job that offers all four types of wealth is the goal!


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