AGCO Direct

Giving dealers customized,
affordable social media campaigns.

Recognizing a need

Across the country, dealerships in the AGCO network were facing significant barriers with their social media marketing. From creating content to learning each platform’s best practices, many just didn’t have the time nor the resources.

A systematic solution

ACGO Direct, a partnership between Flint Group and AGCO, offers corporate-approved content directly to dealers’ social media pages. They no longer have to worry about finding content, planning and scheduling posts. Instead, they’re given the choice of 11 unique campaigns for an affordable monthly fee. Content is tailored to the dealer’s needs in every post, and the campaigns covered a mix of topics such as agronomy, product details, promos, tutorials and special occasion posts.

Impactful social engagement for 2021

Over 100 dealerships opted into the program, and chose campaigns based on the diverse needs and interests of their customers. Over 17,000 unique posts were deployed across the campaigns. Altogether, the program garnered over 64,000 engagements in 2021.


“To have AGCO Direct act as a partner in delivering valuable content to our followers has been a tremendous help. Their posts have been engaging, educational and relevant while maintaining the voice of Livingston Machinery Company. It has made a wonderful impact on our overall social media presence!”


Jamie Harrison
Marketing Manager, Livingston Machinery Company