My Alerus

Awareness Campaign


Finance is a stressful topic for Americans. One in three have nothing saved for retirement and 85% report being anxious about their financial lives. If you want to be physically healthier, you might start by working out at a gym, eating well and visiting with a doctor. But how could Alerus approach the challenge of financial wellness in a similar way?

Together, we developed a new client experience to guide customers through “workouts” to help reach important financial milestones. Called MY ALERUS, the completely new digital experience was designed to encourage a healthy financial lifestyle. It was the result of years of work to strategically develop a solution to relieve financial uncertainty and reduce financial stress that many Americans face.



MY ALERUS is a personalized hub for anyone with a personal account relationship with Alerus. Once logged in, you can track and improve all your financials by linking accounts, setting goals like college or mortgage funding, and, ultimately continuing down the path to financial confidence.

A series of workouts with the dashboard focus on five key areas and give clients valuable advice on handling their money.


After Alerus gave their clients access to MY ALERUS, they were ready to introduce the financial wellness experience to a broader audience. They wanted to tell a different story than their competitors – offering financial wellness technology and demonstrating how it can help customers achieve their financial goals.

To reach a broader audience, Flint developed a campaign in the Fargo, Grand Forks and Twin Cities markets. With an initial goal to build awareness, we drove all campaign tactics to On the landing page, users can watch a video to learn about the importance of financial wellness, get a peek inside of MY ALERUS, contact an advisor, open an account or log in.


The campaign launched and within three months the landing page had nearly 34,000 unique sessions. Tactics driving to the page included billboards, print ads, display ads, arena graphics and location signage.

The most popular event on the landing page was the video demonstrating how MY ALERUS worked. Nearly 10,000 of the 34,000 sessions resulted in video views. Visitors were also given the option to go further by opening an account with Alerus. Although not a primary goal, over 100 users contacted Alerus advisors to learn more.