Alluma Brand Creation

Helping mental health
center Alluma find itself

What’s in a name?

It’s good when organizations evolve. Yet after many years as Northwestern Mental Health Center, the nonprofit felt like they had outgrown their title. Their location identifier, Northwestern, was being used by other organizations in the area and was, frankly, a bit of a mouthful. Alluma would be the new name, but they needed a brand identity and logo to match. Flint Group was ready for the job.

The language of nature

Alluma patients come from a wide variety of backgrounds, including Hispanic, Somali and Native American. After research and discovery sessions, Flint Group focused in on symbols of light and nature, which, paired with a refreshed color palette, would portray a sense of hope in a cross-cultural context.

Giving the brand wings

Response to the logo and colors was overwhelmingly positive from staff across the board. One even remarked, “I don’t wear logos and I would wear any one of these.” At Flint Group, we believe employees are the best ambassadors a company can have. So having the support of the Alluma team meant the identity we built together was ready to stand the test of time.