Refining one of the
boldest brands on the planet.

Bobcat Branding

Bobcat Company | our partners for more than 70 years came to us with a challenge: How do we bring a bolder, yet more human tone to the world of compact equipment and spread it across all possible audience touch points? Through refinement of the brand message, the Bobcat brand team landed on a simple yet powerful brand purpose that aims to inspire people to accomplish more: If you have the will, we have the way. We went all in, helping this legendary compact equipment brand re-bold themselves into a meaner, cleaner brand that hits even harder and appeals even broader.

Our goal | was to help bring that to life through the visuals we display and the stories we tell. And it all needed to ladder up to the longtime brand mantra: One Tough Animal. Our team set out to help the Bobcat team through a brand exploration process in order to re-define the voice and the look and feel of the brand in a way that would work across all mediums, while also incorporating their brand ambassador strategy.

Bobcat Marketing

A bolder look

We helped develop new brand guidelines, photography and video styles and visual templates to make the Bobcat brand more powerful, flexible and vibrant against an increasingly fragmented competitive landscape.



Bobcat Advertisement
Bobcat Advertisement


A bolder attitude

It’s was time to get more aggressive and aspirational. Not just say “We’re tough.” But prove it through the actions we reveal and the stories we tell. It was time for the will to meet the way:


Bobcat Instagram Posts
Bobcat Instagram Posts


A bolder future

More to come as we debut these newly emboldened characteristics to the world. Stay tuned.