Duluth Whiskey Project

Bottling Duluth's unique spirit.

Straight, no chaser

Duluth Whiskey Project spent countless hours carefully crafting its line of flavored whiskey products. Yet to compete in a competitive liquor market, they needed a brand identity with both the smooth sophistication of their spirits and the refined flavor of Duluth itself.

Flint Group was eager to take a shot at the challenge.





Finding the right blend

After listening to owner and distiller Kevin Evans tell his story, our creative team went to work. We started by developing the look and feel of the brand with a logo, a concise voice and pillars to define the messaging moving forward. Taking the brand even further, we chose bottles, and designed labels, along with the materials for in-store displays and events.


Cheers from Minneapolis AdFed 2021

Pitted against the likes of Heineken, Dos Equis and others, the packaging we created for Duluth Whiskey Project’s Old Fashioned and Manhattan bottles won an AdFed bronze pin at their 2021 awards. Not too shabby.

Making a splash in the land of lakes

The launch of Duluth Whiskey Project came when we all probably needed a drink—the height of COVID-19 in 2020.

Liquor stores from Lake Superior’s north shore down through the Twin Cities and beyond chose to carry Duluth Whiskey Project. Branded search volume, meanwhile, showed that our designs were standing out on crowded shelves.


“Working with Flint was the best possible experience. Their creativity and experience helped build a meaningful brand and take our business to new heights.”


Kevin Evans
Owner, Distiller