Content refresh brings social media growth

Gleaner Case Study

Out with the old

 Gleaner wanted to grow their social media following on Facebook and Twitter. Their website and socials felt dated, and they had a lack of content, images and reliable information. They needed a social media strategy that would grow their following while updating their content and creative to feel more in line with the brand.



Establishing a following

Flint created a multi-phase growth plan that laid out how to grow their following by updating and utilizing better content for their pages. We created a Twitter account for them and put together a strategy to grow both their Twitter following and Facebook activity. We leveraged our Facebook audience and used cross-promotion tactics to grow their audience by creating more content and boosting posts.

New audience, new content, huge success

The growth plan was deemed a success! Pulling analytics from Sprout Social showed a 250% increase in growth to Gleaner’s channels, a massive amount of growth in a short amount of time. The client was very happy with their results.