Helping a brand celebrate 50 years by putting customers in the driver seat.

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How to Map the Perfect Route

Everyone loves a hometown success story. Krenzen, a car dealership in Duluth, MN, run by three generations of the same family, wanted a TV ad to commemorate their 50th year in business. Instead of a typical in-your-face car commercial or a visual cruise down memory lane, Krenzen wanted to honor the community they’d been a part of for so many years. How do you make a car ad that isn’t about cars? As an agency with deep roots in Duluth, we felt uniquely suited for the challenge and were excited to strap in for the ride.

Sharing the Roads of Life

Using imagery that captured the sights, sounds, faces and places of Duluth, we created a campaign that focused on what a car truly means. Sure, it gets you from place to place. But it also helps you travel, create memories with your loved ones and see new places, no matter where the road goes. Ultimately, the message was a big thank you to the people of Duluth and every Krenzen customer over the last 50 years.


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Full Options at the Same Sticker Price

Krenzen’s initial thought was just one TV ad that would run on just one station. Knowing that most people tend to pre-shop for cars online, we suggested a more comprehensive package that included online ads and social media.

Hitting the Finish Line at Full Throttle

During the campaign, sessions on Krenzen’s website went up 16% compared to the same period the previous year.

The people of Duluth clearly felt represented in the ads—some of the best-performing ads recorded nearly 200,000 impressions and .90% click-through rate, with average click-through rates of this ad type comparing at roughly .60%.



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