Best of 2020: Top 10 most-read blogs 


2020 has been crazy, to say the least. For us marketers, staying informed and up to date on the latest industry trends has been crucial. 

Need a review? We made it easy and shared our 10 most popular blogs from the year.  


1. Women in Business- Judge me, judge me not 

Jodi Duncan’s advice? Rise above the wake of COVID-19 and build forward. If you get knocked down, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get back in the arena. 


2. Join the hashtag party: A helpful guide for brands + people 

Ready to join the hashtag party? Learn to use them and join the party! We provide the latest scoop and best practices on each social media platform. 


3. Six essential elements of a crisis communication plan 

As the novel coronavirus pandemic continues to unfold, communication is crucial to keeping your stakeholders safe and your business alive. We shared six elements of a crisis communication plan. 


4. 7 questions about how to use social media for small businesses 

Ever wondered how to run a contest on social media or correctly use hashtags? What about TikTok? Snapchat? We answered seven FAQs about social media for small businesses. 


5. The challenge of being “on”: Self-care tips for social media marketers 

We understand what it means for marketers to be “on” all the time – constantly responding to DMs, reading comments, checking email and more. Here are tips to help be your best self! 


6.  Zoom: Gift of the 21st Century 

You’ve heard of Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century. Well, Zoom is the Gift of the 21st Century for heartfelt face-to-face communication. 


7. COVID-19 lessons in business and life 

Women in Business must: Speak up, speak out, and speak loudly. Flint Group president Jodi Duncan shares lessons she has learned throughout 2020. 


8. 5 cognitive biases and how to use them in your marketing copy 

Marketers have been leveraging cognitive biases for decades. We examine a few and break it down for you. 


9. How to earn valuable media coverage during COVID-19 

The relationship between PR professionals and journalists is crucial as resources dwindle. Read our guide to earning valuable media coverage during COVID-19. 


10. Virtual events through the eyes of an intern 

Don’t let COVID-19 stop your business from holding events. Virtual events are a safe and achievable alternative. Hard work and passion for your business matter most—circumstances will only change the style of the presentation. 

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