Inaugural FargoConnect event to zero in on social media


Let’s be honest, it’s not groundbreaking news. Business owners, marketers, and technologists agree that social media is changing the way we do business and drastically transforming the way we communicate and consume content.

However, the conversation around social media has dramatically shifted. A few years ago, organizations still debated whether to invest time and resources into social to connect with their customers. Now, the question isn’t if we should do social, but rather how do we do social well?

To provide insight into this ever-changing marketing technology movement, Flint Group and Summit Group Software are hosting the inaugural FargoConnect.

Hold on to your News Feeds, folks.

FargoConnect – say whaaaat?

Set to be an annual conference, FargoConnect will bring bringing businesses, academia and government together to talk about the human connection between communication and technology.

The event is about uniting our community – and beyond – to not only provide exposure to national expertise but also turn the spotlight on local businesses that are harnessing and innovating communication technology.

FargoConnect 2014: Sept. 3 at the FARGODOME

Here at Flint Group, we are absolutely stoked for this year’s event, which will be focused on social media. After all, we never pass on an opportunity to get our nerd on with other socialites. (Case in point: This video we created of Fargo business owners talking about social media.)

FargoConnect Speakers will include nationally known presenters, such as New York Times bestselling author Jay Baer, as well as local experts, like Scott Bintz with

FargoConnect speakers

Our keynote speakers are rather camera shy, so we did our best to illustrate them. Pretty sure this is EXACTLY what they look like, but we’ll let you judge for yourself at the event.

They’ll talk about a variety of topics, from creating a social media presence and building social media connections to generating content, social media measurement, and more.

Like I said, hold on to your News Feeds.

Join us

You can find more information, register (early-bird pricing available!), or become a sponsor at the FargoConnect website.

Our team looks forward to seeing you at the dome in September. In the meantime, join the conversation online with the hashtag #FargoConnect.

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