Flint Group’s COVID-19 resources for businesses


Have questions about business and the pandemic? We made it easy for you. Here are six useful resources.


  1. How the coronavirus pandemic affects your marketing and communications strategy

Don’t throw away all your strategies. Adapt to the circumstances and communicate effectively.


  1. On creativity and caring: Your built-in secret to communicating more effectively during a crisis

Caring is still relevant and requires strength – it is needed now just as much as it was at the start of COVID-19.


  1. How to get your business through the coronavirus crisis

Messaging can be challenging. Do you say it? Do you say nothing? Will anyone see it? Flint Group is here to help.


  1. How to earn valuable media coverage during COVID-19

With so much news happening in 2020, it can be tricky to get your message in the media. Learn how to position and deliver your information.


  1. COVID Comeback: A toolkit to help your company operate safely and responsibly

Businesses have reopened, shut down and been fined for not following guidelines. Here are some tools to creating and maintaining a safe and productive workplace.


  1. COVID-19 lessons in business and life

This pandemic has been a headache, but it also has shed light on aspects of day-to-day life that have been neglected. Learn from Jodi Duncan and everyone at Flint Group.


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