The Value of Short Video Clips in 2023


Short video clips have been around since 2013, when the infamous Vine launched. In today’s digital marketing, TikTok, Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts are taking the world by storm. Of all social media marketing tactics, short video content is fast-acting, powerful content that encourages your audience to notice and take action with your brand quickly. So, why are short clips becoming such a trend and what platforms should you use?

Attention Grabbers

Generally speaking, short-form videos are classified as any video that is between 30-60 seconds, depending on the platform. These short videos have become known for keeping consumers’ attention. If you’ve ever started scrolling on TikTok and all of a sudden looked at the clock, realizing it’s three hours later, you know. As the world’s average attention span has become as short as 8 seconds,  video content creation has grown larger; short-term video clips are the perfect way to attract views.

Short clips can be addictive when they’re easily digestible. About 73% of consumers prefer to watch a short-form video to learn about a product or service. This means the clips can give the viewers information quickly for the fraction of the time it takes longer videos to do.

Engaging content

Short-form content is easier for consumers to watch and remember. This is done by avoiding excessive fluff that adds no value to the theme or message of the video. In turn, this allows for a more impactful and memorable video for your target audience. Creating memorable content can lead to higher engagement rates up to 1200% more shares within your target audience. Video can be seen across all social media platforms. If you can provide space for feedback, comments or questions, more engagement and interaction among your brand and consumers may come with it. When your business can start a conversation or spread brand awareness quickly, it’s easy to see the value in short-clip content.

Perfect platforms

YouTube Shorts

YouTube has extensively been known for its long-form video content. However between 2021 and 2022, views on short clips rose by 135% on YouTube. With this massive jump in viewership, YouTube released their YouTube Shorts. YouTube Shorts are limited to 60 seconds per video, but it gives your brand a way to be concise with messaging. There are over 2.5 billion active users on YouTube, which is the perfect audience to send out engaging short-form videos to. Some benefits that come with YouTube shorts are that videos automatically play in users’ feed, the YouTube Partner Program allows for earning ad revenue, and you are able to use Shorts to drive users to your long-form content inside YouTube.



TikTok hit the ground running in 2018, and since then, has been rising in popularity. This app is home to a diversity of trends including life hacks, tutorials, shopping and dances. There are no signs of slowing down for this platform anytime soon, as TikTok is no longer just for Gen Z users. Some huge benefits to integrating TikTok into your business plans include powerful in-app editing for swift content making, large library of music and sounds to choose from, and the platform’s For You Page using a detailed algorithm to help increase organic discovery.


Instagram Reels

While originally used as an app for photo sharing, Instagram is putting an emphasis on short-clip video content, Reels. About 90% of Instagram users are watching videos on the platform every week, and Instagram is pushing for more. Reels were not introduced to the app until the summer of 2020, but have become a way to recycle content from other video platforms to grow. Some benefits of posting Instagram Reels include tagging products within Reels to make sales, easy-to-use in-app editing tools and having a wider reach on the app.


Short-form video is the king of content in 2023.  The ability to use multiple apps to create meaningful, bite-sized videos that reaches audiences beyond your target is the perfect investment. For brands, there has never been a better time to start short-form video content to engage your audience and boost brand awareness.

Katherine Fearing

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