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What Instagram’s new Reels feature means for your business

By flintadmin

Social media users and brands are buzzing about Instagram’s latest release: Reels. Instagram launched Reels this week, a video feature designed to rival TikTok and provide… Read More

COVID-19 lessons in business and life

By flintadmin

Women leaders are in as good a position as ever to shape what our world looks like on the other side of the pandemic and racial… Read More

The Five R’s of Email Tracking

By flintadmin

There is so much that goes into a good email campaign; the content team has to align with the creative team who has to align with… Read More

COVID Comeback: A toolkit to help your company operate safely and responsibly


As businesses have reopened after the coronavirus shutdown, workplaces are looking a little different these days. While many companies are offering a work-from-home option, not everyone… Read More

How to implement a deliberate and data-driven PR campaign


We’re in a world surrounded by noise – advertising, product placements, retargeting – everywhere we turn. Far gone are the days that a simple brand awareness… Read More

5 cognitive biases and how to use them in your marketing copy


We all like to think we’re entirely rational and clearheaded at all times, right? But truth be told (and backed up by mountains of research), our… Read More

How to authentically communicate in a crisis


Words matter. The way they’re delivered carries the weight of the message. The real challenge in communicating isn’t finding the right words. We can find the… Read More

Zoom: Gift of the 21st century


Why face-to-face conversations are essential   Zenon knew. In the Disney Channel original movie “Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century,” the protagonist is enamored by a… Read More

7 questions about how to use social media for small businesses


At an embarrassingly high three-plus hours daily, I’m one of the 23% of people spending significantly more time on social media. The COVID-19 lockdown has 47%… Read More

How to earn valuable media coverage during COVID-19


As COVID-19 continues to impact the world, journalists are working diligently to deliver information about the pandemic. The relationship between PR professionals and journalists is crucial… Read More

Women in Business – Judge me, judge me not

By Jodi Duncan

Leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic “In business, do we – women – somehow judge miscalculations, errors in decision-making, ethical transgressions and the like more harshly when… Read More